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‘He came up to me and just klapped me’




This white man really said his reason for beating up this Black woman is that he thought she was a prostitute, as if that makes it fine. He says it so casually, like beating up a sex worker is justifiable. She’s a domestic worker going to work to clean homes and this asshole jumps out of his car to beat her up. This man saw a Black woman in his neighborhood and flew into a rage. Her mere existence put him over the edge. Despite beating the poor woman up, this guy thinks he’s the one being victimized because he’s white. That’s a synopsis of race relations in a nutshell.

Really? Read it again, dipshit. 

He was not sure “why I am being victimised”.

The married father of two, who lives close to where the attack on Joni took place, described himself as a “clean-living guy who loves sport, and who is completely involved in my community”. He also said he had never hit anyone before, and was prepared to face the consequences of his actions.” 

If you actually took the time to read it instead of immediately noticing that she’s black and that she’s a woman, you would have also noticed that he DOESN’T understand why he’s being victimized. He’s also prepared to face the consequences of his actions. He’s not making fucking excuses. He’s saying his fucking side of the story, why he did what he did. He fully acknowledges that what he did was wrong.

Also, what the fuck does her being black have to do with anything negative about her image? According to the Mail & Guardian, 31% of prostitutes are black in Cape Town. Just over one-third of sex workers in Cape Town are black. It was not “her mere existence”. It was the fact that a majority of prostitutes in Cape Town are “black”, which in this case is better described as African, since they are in Africa after all. Even if he thought she was a prostitute because of her skin color (even though there’s no proof that it was), he has a reason to think she was. He has no reason to physically attack her, but he has reason to believe she is a prostitute.

If you want to play the race card, fine. But if you are, you have to accept everything that includes race. Including the fact that the prostitute quoted in the Mail & Guardian article, Vuyokazi, doesn’t like the “black” customers and prefers the white customers. Read about why that’s so and then get back to me about how this shit is racist. 

I’m reblogging this to show you the pathological white nonsense that always comes when things like this happen. The above is this person’s takeaway from the article. He asks what race has to do with it, when the white man who assaulted this Black woman is accusing her of shaking him down because he is white and that she thinks it’s Christmas. He conveniently ignores that in what he chooses to quote. In addition, he takes the white man’s word at face value, in that “he doesn’t understand” why he is being “victimized”. News flash, he’s not being victimized. Much like the man who brutalized this poor woman, many white people like to feign ignorance. They aren’t that unaware.

What I find humorous is that after asking what the woman being Black has to do with anything, his next sentence begins with him illustrating how many Black sex workers are in Cape Town, complete with percentages and a link. When it comes to Blackness, white people become elite statisticians. They always have figures. Don’t you have numbers and figures laying around after someone gets brutally assaulted while walking down the street on their way to work? I don’t know about you, but when someone gets beat up, I whip out flow charts and pie charts. I also do long division and breakdown ratios. I must have percentages. It’s an essential thing to do after an innocent person gets assaulted.

Also humorous is after saying that I’m playing the race card, he says that I have to accept everything that includes race, which includes a note from Black sex worker who prefers white customers from an article he just had handy. What relevance any of this has to do with this poor woman being beaten up is your best guess. I bet he actually thinks his commentary is astute and on point.

As an aside, I had a different white man ask me why I support white genocide. That was his takeaway from this article. A Black domestic worker is beat up by a white man for merely walking down the street in the morning because he said he thought she was a prostitute, and that is the conclusion he has reached. Taking issue with the barbarism of that white man means I support white genocide apparently.

One thing is clear, in all their commentary, not one iota of care or concern has been shown or directed towards the Black woman who was viciously attacked. It’s anger, vitriol and accusation of playing the race card that is hurled in my direction. The guy above starts off by calling me a dipshit, then comes with figures of Black sex workers in Cape Town and then adds that they prefer white customers. I’m the one he’s angry with, not the white man who beat up this Black woman.

To reiterate, what any of this has to do with this poor woman being beat up is your best guess. I suppose when a Black woman is beat up while walking down the street on her way to clean some homes in the morning, it’s essential to say that some Black sex workers in Cape Town prefer white clientele. I see.

I’m convinced that people like this are missing an empathy chip. Something is missing in them. What kind of person reads the harrowing account of this Black woman’s assault and responds this way?

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